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Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction has biological, psychological, and social risk factors and the following health information can help you to understand erectile function:

Physical Causes

Here are some of the common physical causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • Heart disease involves blocked blood vessels that could lead to a heart attack, stroke, or ED. Heart disease causes chronic health concerns preventing your ability to maintain an erection. 
  • Atherosclerosis is build up inside artery walls that restrict blood flow and contribute to the inability to achieve an erection. 

Psychological Causes

A healthy brain plays a vital role in sexual excitement and triggering physical responses leading to erections. The following conditions could interfere with your brain functioning and cause ED symptoms:

  • Depression symptoms like guilt, anxiety, and low self-esteem have all been found to cause erectile dysfunction. Some individuals suffering from depression have been found to lose interest in their sex life.
  • Stress over an extended period of time affects testosterone production, lowers libido, and could cause ED. Work-related stressors or those associated with the relationship have contributed to factors that influence erectile functioning. 

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is not permanent and even when ED cannot be cured, treatment can eliminate symptoms. Erectile dysfunction treatment has been found to improve sexual health. Prevention methods like regular exercise, mineral-rich diets, and healthy lifestyle choices are effecting sexual dysfunction treatment but the following methods have also been effective

Short-Term Treatments
Medicines that increase blood flow to the penis have been prescribed for ED treatment. Certain medications have ED side effects and speaking with your healthcare provider about changing your dosage or switching you to another medicine could treat your ED. Medicines can increase nitric oxide release in the penile vessels and can be administered into the base of the penis by shot.

Natural dietary supplements like ginseng, ginkgo biloba, maca root, ginger, L-arginine, and more have all found to improve circulation and men’s health. Natural supplementation is a healthy alternative to prescriptions but more research is needed in these areas to understand how they support reproductive health.

Surgeries can fix the anatomical causes of ED. Implanting a device that generates erections makes surgery a suitable treatment option. Surgery can be the last result for some and the fastest option for others.

Underlying Causes Treatments
Treating the underlying conditions like digestive and kidney diseases, heart disease, obesity, and restricted arteries could drastically improve your reproductive tools.

Psychological Treatments
Counseling for mental health conditions and relationship counseling can support individuals and couples interested in improving their sex lives. Treating the underlying depression and worry associated with performance anxiety and everyday stressors will increase sex drive.

Natural ED Treatment
Walking, eating right, good vascular health, maintaining a healthy weight, and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles have found to be the best ways to overcome ED. ED is mainly caused by underlying health issues and can signal health complications. ED is not permanent, and the symptoms are reversible or can be eliminated altogether.

Other ED Treatment Methods
If all other treatment strategies fail, then doctors could recommend penile implants of inflatable and bendable rods into both sides of the penis. This surgery has been found satisfactory for individuals with severe ED but also increases the risk of surgery-related infections. Doctors are becoming more innovative in reproductive health


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