Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse, ED is an incredibly common issue because the first cause of this is a lack of blood flow. ¿but what we have to do when Viagra and this type of medication in some point it no longer works? The answer is stop worrying because in MedsMart Wellness Center we have different ways to deal with these issues. 

Two examples of this methods are radiofrequency treatment, which stimulates cells and veins allowing a greater blood flow and in which we centrifuge your own blood separating it into segments and injecting it in you again, you will have a regeneration in the muscles of your penis. This a successful way to heal this affection it uses also for heal the pain in other parts of the body like the neck of the knees. 

 If you have pre-existing complicated conditions, we can devise a strategy that we guarantee will work or you don´t pay. Regardless of your medical condition we can give you solution, our doctors will examinate all the different variations and factors. Feel free to call us you will meet with a doctor in a free consultation 

Reach your ideal weight with these tips

Certain people once they start carbs they cannot stop, the reason is because we’ve been trained since birth to consume sugar and we start to develop an addiction that involves two neurotransmitter, one is dopamine which is involved with pleasure sensation and then we have serotonin which is involved with happiness sensation.

Your body can get into a state physically where it demands this addiction that really can control you eventually. You can start by stop eating completely, exercise your body, get all the junk food out of your life and last, B vitamins are crucial. 

It may be hard at the beginning to master the right way to eat, and that’s fine, in MedSmart Wellness Center we have treatments for you to reach a healthy weight, with a Comprehensive Blood Testing we will know which is the best method for you.

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